RSS-SGA Comprehensive Guide


RSS/SGA: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding aspects of children diagnosed with Russell-Silver Syndrome or born Small for Gestational Age

Author: Jennifer Braak Salem, M.A.

This comprehensive, 330 page, Guide was written in 2009 and covers topics over 15 chapters, including:

  1. Defining Key Terms
  2. Diagnosing RSS vs SGA
  3. The Causes of RSS and SGA
  4. Physical Characteristics and Functional Abnormalities
  5. Common Gastrointestinal Issues
  6. Fasting Hypoglycemia and Ketonemia
  7. Typical Growth Patterns
  8. Moving into Adulthood
  9. Improving Your Child’s Weight
  10. Improving Your Child’s Height
  11. Nutrition: A Parent’s Guide
  12. Overcoming Oral Intake Challenges
  13. School and Early Intervention (a United States perspective)
  14. The Social and Emotional Growth of Families and Children
  15. Parent-to-Parent Helpful Hints

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